“Great content and great sense of humor … a dynamic, Spirit-infused, Bob at Renovate 14.2content-rich presenter you will be richly blessed by booking as a keynote speaker for major gatherings.

– Dr. Arlen Salte, Executive Director, Break Forth Canada Conference.

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Video from Church Central’s “Turnaround 20/20 Summit” at LifeWay National Headquarters in Nashville, TN. http://www.churchcentral.com/videos/Z3gySDt2/Get-radical-ask-your-community-what-it-needs

Video: Are you a general or a colonel?

by Bob Whitesel
What characterizes your leadership style? Dr. Bob Whitesel, professor of Christian Ministry and Missional Leadership at Wesley Seminary, discusses two leadership styles that are also found in the military.

(Excerpted from The Society For Church Consulting’s Church Staffing Summit 2015.)

Bob speaking at The Gathering Orlando

Video: Learning from your leadership style

Are you a shepherd, a visionary or a combination of both?

Watch more at … https://www.biblicalleadership.com/videos/video-what-my-wife-taught-me-about-leadership/

Bob Whitesel Renovate 14 Speaking

VIDEO of Bob Whitesel Ph.D., Oct. 2012 at the Turnaround2020.com Conference, Nashville, TN. Published by ChurchCentral.com. For more info see Cure for the Common Church: God’s Plan to Restore Church Health (Wesleyan Publishing House).




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